How to add icons to your Pinterest board titles

Make your pins stand out just that little bit extra by adding an icon next to your board title!

Pinterest icons

Customisation of your Pinterest boards are limited to board titles, board order and board cover image selection. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for personalisation. By adding an eye-catching, board relevant, icon to your title you can easily draw attention to your pins amongst a pin-stream, highlight certain boards on your profile page or just make all of them that little bit more interesting.

Pinterest title icon

This affect is achieved with unicode symbols, added straight in next to your board title text. What is “unicode” you ask? Well, I actually have no idea; but I lump it in the same category with “alt codes” – a string of characters that represent a single symbol or character. For example, the way holding ‘alt’ and typing ‘0169’ will result in the copyright symbol ¬©.

You can easily search the web for alt codes of various symbols (or, you can also search your computer for “charmap” and bring up the character map for the fonts installed on your computer), but I would like to show you the unicode symbols. You can get fun things like a carousel horse, a cocktail glass or a birthday cake – there are lots of options.

The best list of I’ve found is the one at File Format – Unicode Characters in the Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs Block. There a several pages of icons you can use, and all you need to do is copy/paste the icon straight into your board title. Just highlight the small icon in the ‘browser’ column, then copy and paste!


Pinterest icons


Only seeing boxes (or nothing) instead of icons?  This method works best in Firefox browsers, but also works on the Pinterest app. Even if you see blank boxes you can still copy/paste these, they will still show up on the Pinterest app and other compatible browsers.


Try using ascii symbols instead (copy/paste, same as before).


  1. I forget that people might look at my boards what a good idea. Next time I’m on the computer I’ll give it a go.

  2. I love this. Seriously, I adore my Pinterest, and I am ridiculously attached to keeping them in order and choosing just the right board cover pics. This is great. :) Thanks Liz.

  3. Wait. I can’t get it to work…?

  4. Candylee47 says:

    Mine also won’t work… when I copy the symbol it only shows a square

    • It might be that you are using a different browser – have you tried it in Chrome? Anyway, Liz will update this article with a screenshot so you can see exactly what she did.

  5. Carmela Motran says:

    Can someone please help! I cant get mine to work either!

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