How to wear jeggings.

Today I am turning my MumFash Blogger attention to that much maligned piece of clothing, the jegging.

Jeggings sometimes get a bad rap. It seems there’s a whole demographic out there yet to discover the joy that is the skinny jegging. I didn’t know this. I thought EVERYONE was on board with the skinny jegging. My own discovery of jeggings was entirely revolutionary. The excitement that I felt when I realised that even though I am generous of thigh and buttock, I too could rock a jegging, was quite profound. It jazzed up my winter wardrobe no end. The colour choices. The comfort. The stretchiness.

The comfort is second to none.

Here I am taking my jeggings out for a spin.

Jeggings as pants


Jeggings are basically skinny jeans with a crap tonne of stretchiness involved. So, half jeans, half leggings, thus, jeggings. They provide the comfort of a pair of leggings, but they still look like jeans. That means they actually count as pants and don’t flout the “Leggings are not pants” rule that gets bandied about in the mainstream media. What more could anyone ask for?

Because I am positively evangelical about jeggings I thought I would enlighten everyone as to how they should be worn. Think of this as a community service I am providing here.

I should pause and note that my only real rule regarding fashion is there are no rules. I do not subscribe to the popular idioms thrown around telling you what to wear, or what not to wear. If you want to wear a ballgown down to the laundromat to wash your doona cover? Why not? Who am I to stop you? Do you feel like you’re too fat/skinny/old/young to wear [insert item of clothing you covet here]? You aren’t. Just wear it. Life’s too short to worry, people.

Anyway, that being said, I still thought it useful to provide some optional tips on how to wear a pair of jeggings, with a couple of “what not to do” suggestions thrown in for good measure, just for the unbelievers out there. Remember, if you want to wear jeggings as gloves, as a hat, or if you want to cut the arse out of them and draw a face on your bum cheeks – feel free. I’m not judging you.


1. The main criticism I hear from the punters regarding jeggings is – and this is a little delicate, reader – the “camel toe”. That is to say, the tightness of the jegging gives your friends and relations a little too much vagina visual. This, some people allege, looks like a “camel toe”. There’s a pretty basic solution to this problem: WEAR A BIG OLE LOOSE SHIRT TUNIC THING OVER THE JEGGINGS. Instantly slimming, trendy and downright spunky. And no (ahem) “camel toe” to be seen!

That’s my one suggestion for how to wear jeggings. Next I outline some tips on how NOT to wear jeggings.


1. Do not wear jeggings as swimwear.

2. Do not wear jeggings on really, really hot days because SWEATY.

3. Do not wear jeggings if you don’t like jeggings.

4. Do not wear jeggings if you are allergic to pants or have a phobia of covering your legs in fabric.

5. Do not wear jeggings to work if you are a construction worker, judge, or member of the armed forces because DRESS CODE.

6. Do not wear jeggings with a crop top. Or do, if you want to.

7. Do not wear jeggings near an open flame because FIRE.

8. Do not put jeggings on your family pets because they won’t like it. Trust me.

9. Don’t put your jeggings in the dryer because SHRINKAGE.

That’s about it. Feel free to ignore every single one of those tips if you wish. If you embrace the jeggings with your whole heart, let me know. If you don’t, I’m down with that too. Do what you feel, fashion-wise, above all have fun and remember – give jeggings a chance! Won’t you give them a chance?

Sarah is a writer, dedicated working mother and hot trophy wife. Her hobbies include hurling abuse at the television, comfort eating and having a good lie down. Sarah is very high brow and intellectual and enjoys reading Shakespeare, Plato, watching nature documentaries and making farting sounds with her armpit. Sarah writes a hilarious blog called Slapdash Mama Well, it is moderately amusing anyway.


  1. I don’t think I can give jeggings a chance. I know, I know they are just another kind of pants, if you cut them do they not rip? It’s possible I have a phobia.

  2. I love jeggings, but the material needs to be super thick, otherwise it reveals too much, and that is simply.. too much.

  3. I can’t do Jeggings. I can’t do it. I can’t do skinny jeans and I can’t do leggings as pants. I can do yoga pants for Yoga but…y’know I just can’t do jeggings, even if they suited me (which they would not on many many levels). But then I barely do jeans or any kind of pant unless exercising (so nearly never!). I have a long list of things I can’t do. Coloured skinny jeans was never on my possible list and neither were jeggings. Life is complicated.

    • Jessie I was with you on the no pants issue until I tried jeggings. They are totally the only pants I wear. Bu they have to be more jean than legging! But stretchier than normal jeans which cut me in half. Life is complex indeed.

  4. Kim@FallingFaceFirst says:

    I’m with you Sarah. I’m there. I’m all over them. They’re all over me. Even in leather! Can you EVEN believe it. It’s like I don’t know who I am anymore.

  5. I think I could maybe try a jegging… as long as it was more jean than legging. I once had a pair of those leggings that just had a denim “look” to them and were actually just leggings. I did not realise why I shouldn’t wear them as pants until a woman wearing the same leggings bent over in front of me to pick up some lollies from a pinata… OMG. I never ever, ever wore them as pants again! It is just as revealing as wearing opaque tights as pants.
    But with a long tunic – absolutely. I’m a legging lover.

  6. I never thought I’d be a jegging person, but I loooove my Crossroads jeggings. They are definitely more pants than leggings & I only wear them with a bum covering top :)

  7. I love you, you hilarious idiot. My 12 year old, slender, long legged (and in my eyes breathtakingly beautiful) daughter wears jeggings sometimes. I am afraid that by comparison I would not only be found wanting, they might actually issue a warrant for my arrest for crimes against fashion. So I’ll just let you do the jeggings thing for me :)

  8. Toushka, I love the detail “until a woman wearing the same leggings bent over in front of me to pick up some lollies from a pinata” the Pinata lolly image is what makes it.

  9. And suddenly I have a bizarre mental image of one camel calling another a “pussy foot”. It’d make a great meme if I had the Photoshop skills. As for jeggings – hell yeh because Sydney’s eastern beaches is totally ready for my jelly.

  10. Sorry, can’t do it. Maybe I’ve seen too many camel toes getting around my local shopping center and my retinas are forever scarred but I just can’t do it.

  11. You might even have convinced me to try the Jeggings. Maybe.

  12. So let me get this straight: old leggings with a hole in the crotch are… bad? 😉

  13. I might consider trying to wear jeggings with a tunic type top. Maybe. Why not? Anything goes in Boganville. You good in them btw.

  14. I have one pair that I wear with long boots. I now realise that makes me sound like Puss in Boots – so be it!

    • You are too cute sulky kitten! I like wearing them with long boots too although I am sturdy of calf so sometimes that causes a bit of circulation cut off. Still we must suffer to be beautiful. Apparently.

  15. You KNOW I love me some jeggings!
    And coloured jeggings! They are the new black!
    I highly recommend Big W jeggings.

    And PS I love your head! It looks good on you!

    • YES! I had so
      me out take photos of me in pink jeggings from JJs. These black ones are from Big W! Big W FTW!
      Thank you for my head endorsement. I don’t mind it most days either.

  16. Haha! Such a funny post! I love leggings/jeans and they’ve changed my world too. Oh yes – always long tops – tight or loose! X

  17. Two words: American Eagle. This company has my jeggings addiction heart completely. And no hemming required thanks to the the new added length of, ahem, extra short. I LOVE jeggings!!

  18. As someone who bought (my seven pair of) jeggings today and a bunch of big ol’ baggy men’s shirts to wear with them… I loved this so much. I laughed until I cried. But then again, I was reading this while chopping onions. So maybe I just laughed.

  19. As long as they are not velour. There is no excuse for velour on any person alive. In any form – tight, loose, emblazoned with Juicy. But having rediscovered the legging dress combo recently I will reserve jeggings judgement and see who else rocks it like you do.

    But I will judge you if you wear velour.

  20. Since the invention of Mac Yogi jeggings have become an essential part of my wardrobe – I need that extra stretch to get my leg up for the ‘foot on the sink’ selfie!

  21. I don’t like them, but I do them. I don’t like them on me but I wear them at school…
    I wear tights but I hate them. I think they’ve made me fat coz they always fit…
    I’m very angry about tights and jeggings. Also, I bought jeans today.

  22. Jennifer Cheung says:

    Loved this article and it’s non judgmental jegginess. I am still not a jeggings girl but I still like them on giraffes.

  23. Love it! The best jeggings post I have ever read!

  24. Love it! The best jeggings post I have ever read! I feel kind of funky when I wear my jeggings, and oh so comfortable

  25. janice jones says:

    Great pic! and now i have learned what jeggings are. I thought they were the tights that look like jeans, which i wear… with knee-high boots so my skinny ankles and, ahem not-so-skinny thighs get some visual balance. actually i think that’s a good tip.
    No use looking like you have upsidedown icecream cones for legs!

  26. Haha, I’ve been wondering what jeggings were – they suddenly seem to be mentioned everywhere. Now I know. Thank you. :)

  27. Tanya Roweth says:

    Omg so today I had to go out and buy a bigger pair of jeans *sob* and whilst shopping I brought 4 different types of jeans… some bootcut, straight boyfriend and skinny jeggins.
    Omg… never known comfort like this!
    They dont look like tights or leggings. They look like jeans and are about the same thickness just abit more stretchy and eleastic. I love them!!!
    Oh heaven *sigh*

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