Music: Nipples, wishes, dinosaurs and sweet stuff

Susy Blue

Who’d have thought it possible for a review of a concert to not include a single reference to music? The Daily Mail managed to do just this in their review of Amanda Palmer’s performance at the Glastonbury festival, focusing instead on her escapee nipple and wardrobe choices.

Nudity is no biggie for Amanda Palmer, who frequently strips down to her bra on stage, but she didn’t take kindly to the Daily Mail’s review. She responded with a new song, performed live in London. It’s pure gold. (Nudity warning!)


In other news, this month sees the release of “Wish In My Dish”, the new single from Susy Blue (pictured above), a Melbourne based artist who describes her genre as “alt-folk cabaret pop”. It makes me want to tap dance on the roof of a moving car whilst hoola-hooping and wearing an elaborate head-dress featuring pineapples. She’s launching the show at The Workers’ Club in Melbourne on 11th August.


There’s a new band that has me constantly thinking about snacking on dinosaurs. Yes, my brain’s weird, but it’s not entirely my fault! They are called “Snakadaktal” afterall! Their music is dreamy and moody, and their video clip for “Hung On Tight” makes me feel like I’m an invisible character in a True Blood-esque mini movie. Very cool. They’re touring nationally in August and September.


You know how sometimes after you eat sweet stuff (like fairy floss or chocolate) your teeth hurt and you get all happy? There’s a new album from Sydney-based artist Sam Buckingham that’s just like that, but without the hurting teeth bit! There’s something really warm about it too – like being wrapped up in a hug from a fantastically huge puppy. (I can dream.) She’s playing a run of shows nationally for her “I’m a Bird Tour”, including 20 house concerts!


What music news is exciting you?

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  1. i have meant to take the time to look into the videos, listen to the music and read your short comments .. so it took a while. strange that you have no feedback – not even on the hilarious video of Amanda Palmer and the probably rather feminist issue this deals with.. mmh..
    the song by Suzy Blue reminds me a LOT of “Iko Iko” (my flag boy and your flag boy..) – but that is ok. i love this kind of music, never very good at discovering it though, unless they make it into mainstream radio..
    Snakadaktal isn’t so much my cup of tea but video certainly interesting.
    Your last recommendation is as sweet as you promise.. so that works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t for me.. Today I kinda liked it tho.
    Shame this column didn’t get more feedback (maybe it got lots of hits still ?), keep doing it.
    I love when people point me to stuff I would otherwise never discover on my own ..

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Nikki! Much appreciated :) Glad you enjoyed it. Not sure what the visitor stats are like as I don’t have admin access, but often get feedback from people on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (some people find it easier than taking the time to comment in the blog).

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