WilderQuest for Kids – A brand new adventure!


WilderQuest is the perfect place for children aged five to twelve to explore, discover and learn about the outdoor environment, even when it’s cold and rainy outside!
Created by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Wilderquest is an interactive experience for kids which encourages them to learn more about the natural world, then take that knowledge and apply it in their own outdoor experiences.
Hosted by Ranger Sam and his cheeky native Aussie animal friends, the game can be played on your home computer or using the iPad app.

We tested out the game in both formats, and found them equally easy to navigate. Our eight year old was able to follow the directions and pick up the concepts of the game with no direction from us. She loved collecting images and facts about different species of animals and plants, and she thought the online cubby for storing her finds was pretty awesome too!

WilderQuest iPad App

When your child registers as a WilderQuest Ranger they can create their own character as well as customise their cubby, an online room from which they can navigate the game. With challenges and a number of mini adventures within the framework of the larger world, it is a fantastic way to engage kids in learning more about our native environment.

But the best part is that they can then take that knowledge and apply it to their own real world environment too, encouraging outdoor activity along with a better understanding of how we can care for and respect our Australian flora and fauna.

WilderQuest Desktop
For those in New South Wales, the fun doesn’t need to stop at your desktop. During the holidays NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service run a WilderQuest Discovery series of events, where families can experience for themselves the beauty and mystery of our national parks.

WilderQuest NSW Naional Parks
You can find WilderQuest on Facebook  and keep up to date with what is happening, along with picking up some fascinating snippets of information about native flora and fauna too.

Are you ready for a WilderQuest adventure?

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  1. Hello, great to hear about this fun activity for kids. I’m having a look just now, and planning a post … better than many of the silly games my little ones play for sure!

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