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I am a Pinterest convert.. .

I am standing here Internet, hat in hand. I held out against Pinterest for a long time. I couldn't see the appeal. It … [Read More...]


Villains we Love to Hate. .

Welcome to Coffee and Cake Movie Review time… like a sporting events post game recap, except with movies and no puns … [Read More...]


Ice on the Dune – An album review from. .

"I was aware that Daft Punk were getting more press coverage than our record, but I wasn't too concerned. 'Ice On The … [Read More...]

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Show them some compassion. .

ADVERTORIAL By Tessa Dhanaraj Last weekend I went to visit my friend who owns a thriving coffee shop in Kings Cross. … [Read More...]

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Thank you for the twerk, Miley Cyrus. .

Look, I’m not the brightest bean in the vegie patch; I’m not too proud to admit it. I’m also happy to admit that my … [Read More...]


What to wear on election day. Everything you. .

{image} What to wear on election day As the federal election looms ever closer, the one thing on every … [Read More...]

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Vegetarian Gluten Free lasagne. .

  As a gluten free vegetarian, I'm not that used to eating really good lasagne. In fact, I can't remember … [Read More...]


Pollie Perfect? Discouraging risk might be a. .

When did the job description for politicians start to include being perfect? One of the over-riding impressions of this … [Read More...]


5 artists you should be listening to right. .

Rosie Catalano - "Hearts" A slow, romantic duet (featuring Jack Carty), dripping in nostalgia and longing. It's the … [Read More...]

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Positive body image comes from within. .

In my 31 years of being, my body has been through what has, at times, felt like war. It's been through harsh … [Read More...]


Interleaves: Tea, a blankie and a book. .

Time for Interleaves again, the book nerd corner of The Shake. Today I want to talk about something that I suspect most … [Read More...]

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Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles (Icy-poles).. .

I love icy-poles as they were called when I was a child. Love them so much. But for me, an icy-pole is water, … [Read More...]

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Jetpack and WordPress Stats plugin inserts. .

Today it came to our attention that Quantcast had inserted third party advertising on The Shake, by way of code … [Read More...]


From zero to hero; my half marathon training. .

Proudly supported by Blackmores and the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. I am not a person to whom running comes … [Read More...]


Everything in Moderation. Why is fad eating. .

By Jodi Gibson. Last night whilst snooping around Twitter I came across a conversation that was most interesting. Some … [Read More...]